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1. Choose and post one of the following:

If you believe that metric conversions are easier, write and post a metric conversion. Choose a four digit number and convert from one unit to another. For example, convert 3450 decigrams to kilograms. You can convert between any two units shown in Table 8.1 on page 436 of our text. Or, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can choose between any two units on table shown on page 438 of our text. Explain how to do the conversion showing all work.


If you think that U.S. conversions are easier, write and post a U.S. conversion problem using one of the following conversions..

inches to yards         or         yards to inches

inches to miles         or         miles to inches

feet to miles              or         miles to feet

cups to quarts           or         quarts to cups

pints to gallons         or         gallons to pints

If you need to find the conversion factors, they are readily available on the internet. Do not forget to post a link to the site where you found your conversions. You must show the conversion step by step. For example, when converting from inches to yards, you must first convert to feet and then convert to yards. Explain how to do the conversion showing all work.   

2. Explain why you chose to do either a metric or a U.S. conversion. Why do you think that your choice was easier?



First Response to a Classmate

3. Find a classmate who chose to do a different conversion than you did. If you did a metric conversion, find a U.S. conversion. If you did a U.S. conversion, find a metric conversion. Explain to the classmate why you think that the conversion that you chose is less difficult. Use specific information from your post and theirs in your comments.

Second Response to a Classmate

4. Find and check a classmates’ conversion. Try to find a conversion that has not been checked by another student. If possible, explain a different way to do the problem. Offer advice if you find that the conversion is not correct.


Inches to Yards conversion “ Metric Conversion charts and ¦ º ¦ º Inches Conversion

Inches to Yards (in to yd) conversion calculator for Length conversions with additional tables and formulas.

36 inches = yd 0.0000ft



I chose the metric conversion because in my eyes it is easier because of the way it is written. The metric system goes by zeros. The way the metric system works is by prefixes. For each extra or less zero there is a prefix for the unit. The way most people remember the basic units are:
K. King            vs.        K. Kilo
H. Henry                      H. Hecto
D. Doesn’t                    D. Deca
U. Usually                    U. Unit
D. Drink                       D. Drink
C. Chocolate               C. Centi
M. Milk                         M. Milli
The number of spaces you go the scale is the number of zeros/decimal places you add. The number of places you go down the scale is the number of zeros/decimal places you subtract.