Marketing Strategy plan

Marketing Strategy plan

the marketing strategy plan is about the Everyday Sunday, which is a relaxation drink.

The Rockwell Beverage Co is a start-up organisation aimed at producing soft drinks and

possibly other products for the Australian Market (possibly expending into other markets as well). It looks to give consumers a relaxing alternative to regular soft drinks and to high energy drinks like Red Bull (Alford, 2001). Its theme is œEveryday Sunday is all natural relaxation beverage designed to keep you calm and relaxed. The name comes from the idea that Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation, so that by drinking the product, every day becomes like Sunday.


The video for CEO of Rockwell Beverage Co Ms Amandas Chase

she outlines the background to the company and what it is aiming to

achieve with the Everyday Sunday range.

she gives an account of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

the company is facing. She then goes on to describe the marketing mix issues in terms of product, positioning, packaging, price and distribution issues which the company needs to resolve.


1.Background to the company and the industry. Summary of key marketing issues faced by the company. (About 300 words).

2.identify the marketing objectives for Everyday Sunday for the next 5 years. Identify the target market(s). (About 200 words).

3. Devise your recommended marketing strategy to address these marketing objectives, taking into account the extended marketing mix . (About 1700 words).

4.individual reflection:

What you have personally learned from completing it.(Please reflect on what you have learned about marketing strategy )

Suggestions about how the assignment should be improved or made more useful to students