Marketing of Services Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Question 1

Throw light on the following marketing terminology:-

  • Marketing Planning,
  • Offerings and Brands,
  • Target Markets Positioning & Segmentation,
  • Competition

(20 points)

Question 2

In what ways do consumers make a purchasing decision? Explain the Model of Consumer Behavior?

(20 points)

Question 3

What is a brand and how does branding work? How is brand equity built, measured, and managed? What are the important decisions in developing a branding strategy? Distinguish between brand equity and brand valuation.                                                                                                    (20 marks)

Question 4

What marketing strategies are appropriate at each stage of the product life cycle? How should marketers adjust their strategies and tactics for an economic downturn or recession?

(20 points)


Question 5


What are the characteristics of products and how do marketers classify products? What is product differentiation? Give classic examples of real time product differentiation?

(20 points)

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