Margaret Mead’s book (sex and Temperament in three primitive societies)

Project instructions:

in order to write a the essay, you will have to read or already read Maragert Mead’s book

(Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies) >

in a well thought-out, well written essay, answer the following two questions:

1- describe the differences and similarities in gender exhibited in the 3 tribes discussed in Maragert Mead’s book, Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies.

2- Use the internal approach (attached) to explain why these differences and similarities exist.

“ Note: for the first question, provide as much detail and supportive evidence as possible. the more, the better. but be careful about time, weight, (give equal weight or equal space), and select those facts that help in answering question 2.

“ for the second question, offer an explanation that makes sense. be careful to select evidence or proof that best shows what you are talking about.

outline for the paper:



1- a one page describe for each tripe so( three pages)

2- in two pages explain and discuss all three tripes