Mansfield Classical Theatre

Mansfield Classical Theatre

Compare the page in the book with the download provided in the assignment. The download in the Unit 1 assignment is not formatted correctly. It needs to have the HTML code adjusted so that

it looks just like the one in the book.

Data Files needed for this Case Problem: macbeth.jpg and macbethtxt.htm

Mansfield Classical Theatre Steve Karls is the director of Mansfield Classical Theatre, a theatre company for young people located in Mansfield, Ohio. This summer the company is planning to

perform the Shakespeare play Macbeth. Steve wants to put the text of the play on the company’s Web site and has asked for your help in designing and completing the Web page. Steve wants

to have a separate page for each scene from the play.A preview of the page you’ll create for Act I, Scene 1 is shown in Figure 1-44. Steve hasalready typed the text of the scene. He needs you to

supply the HTML code.

1.Open the macbethtxt.htm file from the tutorial.01case2 folder included with your
Data Files. Save the file as macbeth.htm in the same folder.
2. Enclose the entire Macbeth text within the structure of an HTML document.
3. Within the head section, insert a comment containing the following text:
Macbeth: Act I, Scene 1
Author: your name
Date: the date
4. Add the page title Macbeth: Act I, Scene 1 to the head section.
5. Directly below the opening <body> tag, insert an h1 heading containing the inline
image file macbeth.jpg (located in the tutorial.01case2 folder included with your
Data Files) with Macbeth as the alternate text for nonvisual browsers. Add a hori-
zontal rule directly below the h1 heading.
6. Mark the text œACT I as an h2 heading. Mark œSCENE 1. as an h3 heading.
7. Mark the summary of the scene as a paragraph. Display the word œSummary
in bold.
8. In the text of the play, mark the descriptions of setting, scene, and exits as separate
paragraphs, and italicize the text, as shown in Figure 1-44.
9. Mark the dialog as a definition list, with each character’s name marked as a defini-
tion term and each speech marked as a definition description. Where the speech
goes over one line, use a line break to keep the speech on separate lines, as shown
in the figure.
10. Directly below the Exeunt paragraph, insert the line Go to Scene 2. Mark this line as
a div element and align it with the right page margin. (Steve will mark this as a link
later.) At the end of the line, insert a right arrow character using the 8658 character
number. Add horizontal rules directly above and below this statement.
11. Mark the line œText provided by Online Shakespeare as a paragraph, with the text
itself marked with the cite element. Align the text with the right page margin.
12. Save your changes to the file, and then confirm the layout and content of the page
in your Web browser.