Literature and Surveying (Public Administration)

1. Locate at least three peer-reviewed literature sources to support your selected community NA project. You will be needing these for both the discussion in this unit and for your final project! For this assignment no internet websites can be used.

Below is the previous assignment (community NA project).

The purpose of this discussion how does each manage the issue of having the right representatives at the table to work on the project? How initial activities determined and which are comes first, activities or stakeholder identification? What do you think is the best approach based on what you know today?


The word ˜stakeholder’ has assumed a prominent place in public and non-profit management theory and practice in the last 20 years, and especially in the last decade. The term refers to persons, groups or organizations that must somehow be taken into account by leaders, managers and front-line staff. Any public problem affects numerous people, groups and organizations

(Bryson, 2004, pg. 1-3). In this review, key issues in evaluating effectiveness are identified and insights on the application of major assessment approaches are provided.

Altschuld’s Public Needs Assessment

According to Altschund (2010), assess the effectiveness of research in social sciences is oppressed by the lack of quantifiable goals and identifiable outcome criteria. The needs assessment process is used to set priorities for programs, resources, identifying and measuring areas for improvement in a target audience (Altschuld and Kumar, 2010).


Senior Community Service Employment Program

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) organization believes that achieving the American Dream is possible for everyone, regardless of age. Understanding an organization’s focus, structure, and outcome will facilitate the ultimate choice of effectiveness criteria and evaluation strategies. Senior Community Service Employment Program completed assessment to obtain information about the œparticipant’s work history, skills and interests, talents, physical capabilities, need for supportive services, potential for performing community service assignments and potential for transition to a regular job. Senior Community Service Employment Program understands the importance of working with other groups and organizations which enhance service. Stakeholders involved are from public and private organizations. Study conducted by department of labor relieved: 1) participants work an average of 20 hours a week, and are paid the highest of federal, state or local minimum wage 2) numerous of people apply for the program but there is as long waiting period before a vacant training slot 3) to place 30% of its authorized positions into unsubsidized employment annually (The Senior Community Service Employment Program).

The Community Partnership for Children

The Community Partnership for Children (CPC) in Queen Anne County, Maryland, operates on a comprehensive needs assessment and strategic plan. After conducted interviews with key stakeholders the foundation’s outcomes and results were 1) affordable and accessible daycare is a challenge for many parents within the area, 2) school system is one of the greatest within the city of Maryland, 3) boards members are normally held every third Wednesday, minutes are maintained during the meeting, 4) selected three priority result areas or goals for the next five years. The purpose of the priority result areas was to foster the development of a system of care for children families and the communities in which they live. The CPC used a rigorous cross-case analysis to determine the initiative’s impact on system changes as well as on child and family outcomes. The Council interviewed community leaders, advocates, and county staff, to develop its strategy development (The Community Partnership for Children).


The Maryland Community Fellow Program

The project selected assure that the sponsoring nonprofit organizations have the necessary capacity, stability, and commitment to carry them out. The projects awarded tax credits operate in or primarily serve residents in Priority Funding Areas throughout the State. The Maryland Community Fellow Program used an active voice in effecting change through the use of media. The program developed a strong coalitions and trust with third-parties to creating understanding and building support for an organization (The Maryland CASH Campaign).


As the time comes by, diversity becomes a more a more vital issue for the businesses. The needs assessment process takes place prior to the activity is designed. Most research organizations in community service tend to have ambiguous goals and incomplete technologies or strategies for achieving them. It is obvious that the ability to communicate with stakeholders is an important leadership skill when it comes to building coalitions. Stakeholder analysis have always been important they can help maximize or minimize the firm’s value. Knowing how to identify and understand the stakeholders with whom you need to communicate, and how to use that understanding to ensure an equal voice for all stakeholders in the coalition.


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