Leishmania & protein kinase a

*-the main causative of leishmaniasis is Leishmania major.
*the current research for diagnosis, treatmeant and control disease are the molecules produced by the parasite.
*example protein kinase:- definition- same informasion.
* aims are 1-to design PCR primer for protein kinase a_ Will hopefully amplify in leishmania major_ confirm is the primer successful or not by the positive and

negative results.2-to expression of protein kinase a in promastigotes.

1-1 Leishmaniasis:-
*- definition
*-the vector:sand flies_ species_how many are vectors
*_ in leishmania parasite different subgenera.
(Bates & Rogers,2004) (Lane,1993) (Noyes et al.,2002).

1-2 The infection process / metacyclogensis:-
*- the parasite life cycle in vector
*- the parasite life cycle in human
metacyclogenesis (LPG)

(Angamuthu et al.,2012) (Handman &Bullen,2002) (Lane,1993) (Bates & Rogers,2004) (Kamhawi,2004) (Kamhawi,2006) (Sacks& Kamhawi,2001) (Shakarian & Dwyer,2000)

(Kamhawi et al,2004)(Bhattacharya et al,2012)(Cardoso et al.,2011)

1-3Symptons & Diagnosis:-
(Khosravi, et al.,2012)

1-4 Control

1-5 Treatment
(Murray, 2012)

1-6 Epidemiology
( Stauch, et al.,2011)

2- transmission mechanisms

2-1 Inoculation & regurgitation;
(Molyneux & Killick-Kendrick, 1986) (Killick-Kendrick, et al.,1977) (Beach et al.,1985) (Beach et al.,1984)

2-2 Promastigote secretory gel (PSG)-
(Stierhof et al., 1999) (Rogers et al., 2002)

2-3 Salivary glands
(Killick-Kendrick, et al.,1996) (Freitas et al.,2002)

3- Protein kinase
*-general information
*- types

3-1 the important of protein kinase a
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