Legalizing Marijuana: The Big Controversies

Paper instructions:

* Quote from the article œLegalizing Marijuana: The Big Controversies in every paragraph, as well as cite it in MLA format.

* Quote or paraphrase from 4 additional sources, also properly citing them in MLA format.

* You must include a works cited page that directly corresponds to all sources cited in your paper.

* Paper should be at least 3 pages (4 including works cited page) and no more that 8 pages.

* You must underline your thesis.

* Paper needs to be typed and double spaces using size 12 font.

* Make sure your sources on your works cited page are properly indented.

* By mentioning and quoting key words and phrases from the article œLegalizing Marijuana: The Big Controversies: explain the extent to which you agree or disagree with all the controversies mentioned in Davis’ article.

Make sure to support your points with research (4 sources cited in MLA format).