Lawsuit for patent infringement in between Apple and Samsung.

 Write a three page paper essay discussing the Lawsuit for patent infringement in between Apple and Samsung. In order to write the essay focus in the following things: 

What happened?  What are the most important details of the story?

What went wrong?  What legal issue was there?  What legal problems exist?

What law applies to what went wrong?  Tell me the specific rule of law, listing all elements if relevant.

Apply the rule of law to the issue and the facts and tell me how the case is going to come out and why.  

The key to everything is WHY!  Explain your answers.  To use a math example, I don’t care if the answer to 3x+2=y  “ It doesn’t mean anything to me if you can tell me what X or Y are unless you can tell me how you got there.

The same thing goes for exam questions, tell me why.  Walk me through why the answer what it is.

For example:  Was there a contract? Who breached the contract?  How did they breach it? Were there any defenses to their breach? Because they were the one that breached the contract, what are they responsible for?  Who would win and why?

Obviously not every question would require every one of those questions being answered.  Be thorough.