Journalist E-MailYou are a rookie news journalist, and you just comple

Journalist E-MailYou are a rookie news journalist, and you just completed your first major assignment covering a political campaign, including extensive research of websites to provide the political background of your story. Your best friend e-mails you and asks how it went.Write a 350- to 700-word e-mail to your friend in which you detail the challenges you faced and how you addressed them regarding the following:Your responsibility as a journalist to provide fair, honest, and balanced coverage.Your assessment (analysis!) of the credibility of political websites you visited for research, including The Drudge Report (, The Daily Kos ( The Daily Show(, and The Onion( awareness of how political news reporting influences public opinion.Note:It is an informal assignment, but make sure you thoroughly cover all of the requirements as listed:350-700 words covering (1) your responsibility as a journalist, (2) your specific assessment of the credibility of each political website (all four mentioned in the instructions), and (3) your awareness of influence on public opinion. An informal assignment means it will not be graded on format or formal language. It must be written like an e-mail message. Papers that are written like essays do not meet the requirements for this assignment.