its a research paper on Bellamy’s Australia

It should be plagiarism free and all the references should be in Australian Harvard style.



AUDIT AND ASSURANCE ASSIGNMENT INTRODUCTION The assignment is based on Bellamy’s Australia Limited (ASX code BAL).  This assignment worth 25 % of the assessment.


The objective of the assignment is to assess students’ understanding and application of the concepts and theories learnt in Auditing and Assurance. The assignment also aims to evaluate students’ ability to apply the knowledge and skills learnt in the unit in analysing a real company from the auditor’s perspective. The framework of the Australian Auditing Standards (AUASB) and the corresponding International Standards on Auditing (ISA) should guide the analysis.


In analysing the company, it is important that students understand the company operations, strategies, internal and external environment and the relevant financial and non-financial information. To gain such understanding, students have to conduct a thorough analysis of the company and its environment. Hence, the successful completion of the assignment requires extensive research on Bellamy’s Australia. Students also need to demonstrate their ability to critically evaluate the various pieces of information gathered in identifying potential key audit risks that would influence the audit of the company.


Apart from assessing those abilities, the assignment also aims to assess students’ ability to present a written report in a professional manner by taking into consideration the target audience and the formatting requirements.




Assume that you are an audit senior who has been assigned to the audit of Bellamy’s Australia Limited (ASX code BAL). Your audit team is responsible for planning the Bellamy’s Australia audit engagement for the year ended 30 June 2017. You have been instructed by the engagement partner to gather the relevant background information about the company as part of the procedures to obtain an understanding of Bellamy’s Australia and its environment as per Auditing Standard ISA 315. Based on the information gathered and the understanding of the client and its environment, you need to prepare a report for the


Bellamy’s Australia audit committee. The report will be discussed in the audit committee meeting to be conducted on Tuesday, 2 May 2017. Hence, it is crucial that you complete the report latest on Monday, May 1, 2017.




Your report must address the following issues: 1. You need to provide a detailed background description about Bellamy’s Australia. This must include the information about its business operations, nature of revenue streams, product and services, market and competition, and regulatory environment. For the regulatory environment, you must be specific as to the regulations that affect the operation of Bellamy’s Australia. The information presented must be based on your in-depth understanding of company’s operation. Students who simply provide a summary of information from the annual report will not receive good marks.   [4 marks]


  1. One of the commonly used approach to assist auditor in obtaining information about the risks arising due to the nature of the entity’s and its environment is the PEST analysis. It is a strategic analysis that divides the client’s business environment into the following four domains of influence: Political (P) Economic (E) Social (S) Technological (T)


You need to prepare a PEST analysis detailing the factors that may have a material impact on the business of Bellamy’s Australia. Two factors are expected for each of the four domains. You need to clearly explain how each of the factors could influence the client.                    [4 marks]


  1. List and explain five key audit risks which would impact on the audit of Bellamy’s Australia. For each of the key audit risks identified, identify the account and explain the main assertion at risk. The risks must be specific and relevant to the context of the audit of Bellamy’s Australia. Each of the risks needs to be clearly elaborated. [5 marks]


  1. Apart from the general formatting requirement described below, your report should be presented professionally in a format as if it were to be presented to an audit committee meeting. When appropriate, the use of tables, graphs and charts is highly encouraged. However, the assignment must be largely based on the text in paragraphs. Students need to demonstrate appropriate and accurate use of  the  Harvard style  for  references and citations.         [2 marks]



General formatting requirement for the assignment is as follows:  Minimum 2200 words (font size 12, 1 ½ line spacing, Times New Roman). The 2200 words include the body of the assignment and footnotes. It excludes cover sheet, title page, executive summary (optional), appendices and list of references. Students should not use appendices to circumvent the restrictions on the length of the assignment.






Some additional information:

The aim of the assignment is to test your ability to integrate skills learnt in analysing a company from the auditor’s perspective and within the framework of auditing standards.The successful completion of this assignment requires extensive research on the company’s internal and external environments. It is important that you understand the company’s operations, strategies, external environment as well as the financial information. You are expected to demonstrate your ability to critically evaluate variouspieces of information and apply analytical skills to critically evaluate key audit risks which would impact on the audit of the company.


An important aspect of the assignment will be for you to demonstrate your ability to present a written report in a professional manner.