interview people

It should be 2-3 pages double-spaced. The paper should include basic information about the interviewee, his or her position and career path, information about the company, and your general reflective comments. What did you learn about the position that surprised you? What did you learn that makes you think that it is, or is not, the career for you? Include anything you found of interest.

Informational Interview Assignment- Interviewee List

Interview 1- Module 9- Due June 14:
    Company: Air China Limited
    Location of Company: Beijing
    Interviewee name and title: Cai Jianjiang, who is the CEO of Air China
    Day/Time/Location of Interview: 9:00 am (Beijing time), 06/08/2014, telephone interview.

Interview 2- Module 10- Due June 14:
    Company:Hainan Airlines Company Limited
    Location of Company: South part of China
    Interviewee name and title: Chen feng, who is the president of
    Day/Time/Location of Interview: 10:00AM (Beijing time), 06/09/2014, telephone interview.

Interview 3- Module 11- Due June 21
    Company: Xiamen Airline Company Limited
    Location of Company: south part of China
    Interviewee name and title: Che Shanglun, who is the manager of Xiamen Airline Company Limited
    Day/Time/Location of Interview: 11:00 AM(Beijing), 06/10/2014, online interview