Informed Practice in Mental Health Nursing Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

 Assessment 1 requires you to commence the manuscript by including the introductory, background/literature review and data source/search strategy sections of the article. The abstract, discussion, implications, conclusion sections will form Assessment 2. Include the article title with both Assessment 1 and Assessment 2. NOTE: The journal you choose may have different subheadings/section headings than those suggested above. If you would like clarification regarding the use of particular subheadings/section headings from the author guidelines across Assessment 1 and Assessment 2, contact the subject coordinator by the end of Week 3. Submission of Assessment 1 must include a printout of the author guidelines from your chosen journal as an appendix. For example, the Journal of Advanced Nursing accepts discussion papers. The author guidelines can be found: 2648/homepage/discussion_paper.htm

Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills to prepare a
journal article for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. Submission to a journal is NOT a
requirement, but you are encouraged to consider working towards submission once the subject has
been completed.
Your Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 assessments will be prepared as if you were submitting a
discussion paper to an academic journal. You will identify the journal you wish to submit to and use
their author guidelines for submission, including the article structure requirements.
You will not be conducting research; as such, you must select a journal that produces discussion
papers. Both papers will be structured according to the author guidelines of your chosen journal.
? As Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 will be parts of the same article, it is recommended that
you plan the two together from the beginning.
? To familiarise yourself with style and structure, read a number of discussion papers from your
chosen journal before planning your article.
? Engage with the learning activities in the SNPG934 Moodle space as these are designed to
support the development of your assessments.
Detail for Assessment 1 and Assessment 2:
For Assessment 1 and Assessment 2, you are required to explore relationships between a construct
that informs your practice and a contemporary direction of mental health nursing (this could be in the
form of specific principles, frameworks, or models of care).
For example:
? I may have identified ‘safety’ as something that informs my practice. My article may therefore
be a discussion exploring ‘how issues of safety impact person-centered care’.
? I may have identified ‘the family and carer of a person with a mental illness’ as something that
informs my practice. My article may therefore be a discussion exploring ‘the role of family in a
strengths based approach to mental health care’.

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