Infographics interview and artist’s statement /personal design manifesto

Paper details

Read this carefully. There are 2 assignments here.

1.Infographics interview with an elementary school teacher (3page)

Write an interview with an elementary school teacher about how infographics affect teaching strategies and learning process.
It should be at least 7 questions in length. Write down each interview and add some explanation for each one.

2. Bring 1-page artist’s statement / personal design manifesto. (3page)

For this project, find artist’s statement and connected those 4things. (Just heads up, I’m majoring in graphic/communications design, so keep that in mind whatever you

make up, it has to be some kind of connection with the artist statement).

a. What is your design aesthetic?
b. What is your signature in your work?
c. What about it renders it recognizably yours?
d. Whose design work do you admire, as a mentor figure or role model?