Individual Phase

The requirements are attached below in the pictures. Please do at least three types of model. All the diagrams should be included.

Individual Phase

1. Each student must prepare two documents each a minimum of one page double-spaced, not including the diagrams:

a. The first should discuss the various types of kites including the advantages of each model. Diagrams of each type must be included.

b. a discussion of the physics of flight including a discussion of forces and including diagrams showing which forces are acting.

2. Each student will submit two different drawings of kite models for consideration. The information should be in the form of scaled drawings either hand drawn or prepared by compurer. That means that drawings should has the same relative dimensions as the final prototype. Actual outside dimensions of the kite should be indicated on the drawing along with the scale used. Be sure to show the attachment point of the string(s) and use perspective to should the third dimension as necessary.