Description: This paper should be 3-4 pages long, double spaced, and in 12 point font. Also, please use a normal font like Times New Roman. For this paper I want
you to pick a product of popular culture (a movie, a television episode, a game, an advertisement, a news broadcast, a song, a novel, etc.) and write a
critique of the ideology that it expresses. In writing this critique, you need to present both a detailed analysis of the ideology and consider the limitations
of this ideology. Also, I ask that for this paper you adopt an epistemological angle with regards to ideology (see Eagleton on the distinction between
epistemological and sociological approaches to ideology) and consider to what extent the ideology you are writing about distorts oneâs perception of
reality. To properly perform this critique, you will need to: -Describe the ideology that you are considering, including the beliefs, values, and ways of
living that are promoted by this ideology. -Also consider and address the following questions: -How would you identify this ideology? Does it have a
name? Is it derived from or related to another ideology? -In what ways does the ideology that you are analyzing distort or misrepresent reality? -In what
way does this ideology appeal to real or authentic desires, or make true claims about reality, that enhance its persuasiveness? How are truth and falsity
interwoven in the ideology? -What groups within society, if any, benefit from this ideology? -Analyze how the particular cultural product that you have
selected expresses the ideology that you are concerned with. -Ask yourself: -How effectively does the cultural product communicate this ideology? -What
techniques does it employ to persuade others of this ideology? Remember, you are analyzing the ideology contained in a specific cultural product. The
ideology that you should concern yourself with is the one that the work is trying to persuade you of. Be careful with certain cultural products, like satires,
which explicitly present an ideology in order to criticize it. I do not want you to analyze the ideology that is being criticized. Rather, I want you to consider
the ideology of the satire itself. If the cultural product is satirizing, and thus rejecting, a particular ideology, what ideology is this satire trying to persuade
you of? This project will involve a certain degree of research. I want you to make use of at least two sources, in addition to the work of media that you
analyze, when writing this paper. PLEASE DO NOT USE œTHE MATRIX AS THE REFERENCE