Human Resources Management (HRM), HR Strategic Plan (HR Metrics), Staffing Strategy and Porter’s Five Forces Model

Human Resources Management (HRM), HR Strategic Plan (HR Metrics), Staffing Strategy and Porter’s Five Forces Model

Work type:   Research paper

Format:         APA

Pages:            2 pages ( 550 words, Double spaced

Academic level:       Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

Subject or discipline:         Human Resources Management (HRM)

Title:   Writer’s choice

Number of sources:           2

Paper instructions:

This is a three-part assignment. The instructions have been uploaded to the files section. If you do not read the instructions in their entirety before starting, you may very well do this wrong and have to redo it. Please read all the instructions first. You will be completing two pieces of a group assignment. The files section has a course project template, and my group has sectioned off work for each person. You will only be completing sections of these three parts, the Company Background (Strategy), HR Strategic Plan (HR Metrics), and the Staffing Strategy (Job Analysis). Each piece of that section which you are doing (Strategy), (HR Metrics), and (Job Analysis) are to be cited properly, and the sources must be scholarly. Please read the template carefully, as well as any other files labeled “Guidelines for writing.” Otherwise, you will miss something or perhaps do too much. Either way, it could cause a revision, and we don’t want that. If you have ANY questions about what to do or are confused in any way, please message me within the due date. Thank you in advance. If you have any issues or questions, please message me.

Our objective is to develop an HR plan for our STEP, our online retail store, looking to expand into brick and motor locations. I have included all the decisions my group has made for the company. Such as we have decided to use Porter’s Five Forces Model. If you read the template and the project overview, you will see what I mean. You are coming up with specific things for us to do as a company. Things we can implement as a strategy for our HR plan for the company we made up “STEP”. PLEASE READ the “Sample of a paper” it is the actual paper that my group has started. All of their parts are there. This is not intended to be extensive. It is a draft. It simply needs to be accurately researched and cited if necessary.


As for the HR Strategy, we are interested in being a brand that looks after our employees first. We want to implement things like profit sharing and bonus structures that incentivize our employees to do their jobs well and grow with our company.


As for HR Metrics, you can take baselines from any of the competitors listed in the paper and make projections for using the information provided from my group in their parts of the paper that is provided.

Then as for The Job Analysis, it needs to be done on the District Manager position. Reason: because we are stepping into the brick and mortar retail space, we have to have a qualified person spearheading that process. They must be knowledgeable of the company, but also the multi-faceted process that is a retail location.