HP Acquires-The Importance of Preplanning Integration

he questions applying to this Unit are described in
œSection 3 Body below:
Write in APA format.
Below is a recommended outline.
1. Cover Page (See APA Sample paper)
2. Introduction
a. A thesis statement
b. Purpose of paper
c. Overview of paper
3. Body
a. How did merger preplanning help HP and how would it be reconsidered post-merger?
b. Given the videos from previous discussion questions, do you think the elimination of
jobs and product lines helped cultural integration? Why or why not?
c. The final paragraph hints at the merger planning as inadequate. Is that a fair statement?
Why or why not?
4. Conclusion “ Summary of main points
a. Lessons Learned and Recommendations
5. References “ List the references you cited in the text of your paper according to