Homeless Students In The Classroom

  1. Special Topic Presentation: Homeless Students In The Classroom: -books and articles (5 to 10 years old) & use resources from Michigan, specifically Detroit, Michigan and surrounding areas,

 2 page paper which includes lists of concepts and activities which may be used in the classroom. A list of references you reviewed should be included.  

Definition of a homeless student, specifically Michigan, Resources made available via the school, specifically the teachers. Example, outside non-profit programs, shelters, students living in cars and motels(secretly).

Talk about how the tremendous and sudden œEconomic Depression created a era of homeless population, which contributed the number of homeless students.  Due to being embarressed either the parent and/or the student they try to hide the fact that their homeless, hungry, health issues, and emotionally broken often. Some students are able to over the struggles and continue somehow to do well with their academics, while others academics suffer. 

With teachers sometimes spending so much time with the students in the classroom, they are able to pick up on things sometimes and make special efforts to assist the homeless students and their family.  Most schools often have resources  to offer assistance to homeless students and their families.  Again, due to the student being embarssed abut the circumstances, they will sadly, hide the fact that they are homeless, making it hard for the school or the teacher to offer help.