History See Requirements

Over the course of the semester, we trace the emergence of nationalism in the nineteenth century Europe on the liberal left and then follow its gradual migration to the conservative right in the last quarter of the century and up to the Great War.
Please write 8-10 pages addressing this problem. Be sure to balance evidence, a coherent historical account of the phenomenon with analysis and Argument.
Use information from Nineteenth century Europe, Michael Rapport as well as any other texts we have read.

Other text: Alexis de Tocqueville: Liberalism, Nationalism, and 1848. John Stewart Mills: On Liberty, Karl Marx Communist Manifesto and The Civil War in France: The Paris Commune. Michael Bakunin: God and State

Key questions to answer in the paper:
It is important to have an argument in the thesis!
1) How can we explain this mutation?
2) Does nationalism itself change in content, constituency, or style?
3) Does the constellation of circumstances surrounding nationalism and its reception change?
4) Some combination of these?

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