Historical & Research Timeline

Week One Readings

Read Chapter 1 in your textbook 
Understanding Psychology.


Historical & Research Timeline

Due: Week Two

Points: 50

Using your text as a starting point (Chapter 1: The Growth of Psychology) along with credible websites if needed, create a timeline of items important to understanding the development of psychology.  On your timeline include a combination of significant events, key figures, theories, instrumental research studies, and trends. Include the dates/years (approximate ranges are fine). Within your timeline include coverage of several early and contemporary primary schools of thought (i.e. psychodynamic psychology, behaviorism, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, etc.).

  • The timeline needs to have 10+ items with brief descriptions (clearly indicate each item by numbering).
  • You may submit the assignment as either a Word document with a list of 10 brief descriptions, or as a PowerPoint with a slide for each timeline item. 
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