Hinduism’s Impact on the Western Mindset

Paper instructions:

Discuss the ways in which Hinduism has been exported to the West and assess the

degree to which these forms of Hinduism have had an impact on the Western


(a) Do the judgments allow in-house lawyers to claim Legal Professional Privilege?

(b) What reasons were given by the courts for the judgments made?

(c) Would it make any difference if the rumoured dawn raid was carried out under the Competition Act 1998 by the Office of Fair Trading in the UK?

(d) What practical steps can the team of lawyers that have been put together take to deal with the 2007 and 2010 judgments?

He says there is no need to tell him anything about articles 101 or 102 or the Competition Act 1998 others in the team will deal with that. Just focus on the case and the questions mentioned above.