Health Service Finical Management

This assignment is power point presentation 10 slides + 3 pages of press release that surmise the topic. This unite is called Health Service Finical Management 

Because I couldn’t find place to do my clinical placement that is required for this assignment Professor Baker (the unit coordinator) send us this message:

Hi Folks
It has been drawn to my attention that many people have not yet started their placement, and some who have are not with organisations where NWAU matter. I am therefor proposing an alternate topic for those people who choose it. I will distribute via messages a series of papers (NHCDC, IHPA on NWAU, the NSW spreadsheet that calculate DRG payments). I will also give each of you a different DRG. The topic on which you present will be that DRG “ what has it cost historically, what variations alter the price paid ( the possibilities are -people resident in remote locations, being an aboriginal, the pt being in intensive care, the pt being in a designated childrens hospital). I will expect you to explain the low trim point, the range over which the DRG price is paid, how the long stay outlier payment works. Then to use the NSW spreadsheet to explain how all of these things (including being a private patient) alter the amount that is paid for that hospital stay to the health service.

More important instruction for the Presentation 

I have been given these DRG, which are:
F13A S Upper Limb and Toe Amputation for Circulatory Sys Disorders W Cat or Sev CC
F13B S Upper Limb and Toe Amputation for Circulatory Sys Disorders W/O Cat or Sev CC

So, if you open NWAU file and go to the second row you can change the DRG to the given DRG and see the changes. 
Then you have to understand and explain Why its matter where patient live? What is the different if it’s live in remote area? Is it matter Aboriginal or not? Why its matter which hospital? Why its matter if it’s intensive cares? 

-Read and apply the logic from the technical (IHPA) manual to the DRG
-Compare DRG 

How much it cost to produce (P.17 IHPA)

IHPA website 

Remember everything in this assignment is with NSW health in Australia. 
Please Under each slide write my actual speech

All documents will be uploaded. This assignment requires some effort and its very critical for my carrier so if you don’t understand it, don’t do it. 

Please note all data is not real its for study purpose only.