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Paper content: I want the message of the paper to be: nurse anesthetist should be able to practice with out limitation because of the quality of care they provide.  The reason I say with out limitation is because the physician anesthesiologists have always tried to limit their practice. There a couple papers that look at legal issue and the nurse anesthetist have won. I want the paper to support that nurse anesthetist practicing anesthesia is not illegal, in fact anesthesia is also nurse anesthetist specialty (just to let you know that there are many physician that say anesthesia specialty is only for those how study medicine not for those who study nursing. To be a nurse anesthetist you have to have a degree in nursing and you go to graduate school to get trained to be nurse anesthetist, whereas to be physician anesthetist or anesthesiologist you have to finish medical school and trained to be anesthesiologist in hospital). in the 1950th there was a study don to see if there is difference in quality of anesthesia care when it is provided by physician/resident and nurse anesthetist. The study found that death was higher when physician anesthetist administered anesthesia. This study was good to silence some physician anesthetist who are critical towards nurse anesthetist. The article name is a study death associated with anesthesia and surgery, it is very well know article among physician anesthetist and nurse anesthetist.    
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I would like the paper to start with history of Nurse anesthetist history (state that they have been practicing for more than a hundred years providing safe and cost effective). ¦ And continue about cost effectiveness, how they are able to meet the demands of rural area, quality of care and how competent they are, legal issue brought by physician anesthetist in trying to limit they practice and so on