He Hollers Let Him Go and Devil in a Blue Dress

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Please select one prompt among the following, and write a grammatically-correct persuasive argument in response.

1.Compare If He Hollers Let Him Go and Devil in a Blue Dress as the novels relate to masquerade and metaviolence. Be sure to assert your definition of masquerade and metaviolence.

2. Patricia Waugh writes, œTo enter the imaginary places of ction is to immerse ourselves in a world, but reading novel also invovkles recognizing that world’s existence as a complex structure of words. Novels are prime locations for the exploration of plural existences, for playing with the boundaries of the real, the delusory, and the fantastic. Compare two novels that you believe offer compelling evidence of the writers’ construction of œplural existences, and play œwith the boundaries of the real, the delusory, and the fantastic.

3. Analyze Clotel and one other novel we have read as contributions to the literary campaign against oppression. Be sure to identify the anti-oppression themes, arguments, and tactics the books embrace, and to assert how effective the novels are in propagating liberation.

4. The subtitle of Hopkins’ novel Of One Blood is Or, the Hidden Self. Compare Of One Blood and Devil in a Blue Dress regarding the matter of what is hidden and what is revealed. Be sure to stay close to the texts by relating your discussion to how the novels, their setting, their characters, plots, and relationships are constructed.

5.The poet Michael Harper writes,

say nightmare, say it loud

panebreaking heartmadness:

nightmare begins responsibility.

Explore the meaning of nightmare and responsibility in two novels examined in this course.

6. In her poem, œNikki-Rosa, Nikki Giovanni writes

Black love is Black wealth and they’ll

probably talk about my hard childhood

and never understand that

all the while I was quite happy

Explore the concept of happiness amidst hardship in two novels we have read in the course.
Examine Sport of the Gods and If He Hollers as naturalist novels.

please note that you do not have to use other resources unless it is necessary