Grant Writing

Grant Writing

The brochure you created in Unit 7 has prompted Luis Ortega to donate his ranch as a center for an expansion of services! The BYS board is very excited but is a little concerned because the ranch is located in an area with many new immigrants. The executive director has commented that in order to ensure that the expansion includes many teens from various cultures, staff and BYS teens need to increase their understanding of various cultures.

Your job is to prepare training for youth or staff about different cultures. This workshop will include several activities:

Create a PowerPoint® presentation of at least 12 slides to highlight cultural differences. Remember to begin by with a slide listing the training outcomes.

Create one activity to use as part of the training that can promote positive cultural exchange.

Create a list of 2“3 events that can be held over the next several months to continue the spirit of cultural exchange. The events can be presented in a calendar format or as a list.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be at least 12 slides, plus an additional title slide and a slide(s) with references in APA format. Provide appropriate citations in APA format either on the appropriate slide or in the notes section of the slide that summarizes information from the referenced material. Be sure to look at the grading rubric in the Syllabus to ensure that you have covered all of the expectations for the Assignment!