Global economics nursing

Strictly APA by the publication manual of the American psychological association 6th edition second practice. Write in Third person only. Special attention to the reference page, title page Verb/noun agreement. Grammar is big. Masters level/DNP [doctor of nursing practice. Introduction and conclusions required. Use headings when needed. Thesis statement pivotal, conclusion critical, correct margin and title page. Please list full references including volume #, issue # and publisher.

Global Strategic Resource Allocations

This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity for students to explore resource allocation for a designated global health topic (disease, illness, or issue) for a selected country.
Each student must select a global health topic that is a problem in another part of the world. The topic may be a health problem in the United States as well, but the emphasis of your discussion should be on a global health topic, and how it is a problem in a specific part of the world, excluding the United States (US).

The other aspect to keep in mind is that the emphasis of the assignment should be on human and financial resource allocation for the global health topic. In addition, you will discuss the significance of the topic for the selected country, identify US global health policies related to the selected topic that are specific to the country selected, discuss the overall progress being made, and identify what resources are needed to combat the global health issue that are currently not being allocated.


The initial post should be approximately 1000 words with liberal use of references. At least one reference must be from a professional journal. A minimum of 8 references are required. The discussion should be written in a formal style, and adhere to APA guidelines. Organized flow, logical progression of ideas, and clarity in thought processes are essential.
Once the initial discussions are posted, each student will select a different topic and cross post to another student’s work. Individual student cross posts are intended to add substantive content to the post and add to the topic by contributing new information (additional human and/or financial resource allocation) for the selected topic and country.
Individual student cross posts should be approximately 500 words and a minimum of 2 references. Students are not required to ‘claim’ a topic for cross posting. Multiple students may cross post to the same original post; however, information posted should be new content and duplication must be avoided.
In the Forum, name the post by the name of the global health topic and country discussed.

All assignments are individual student assignments “ there will be no group work; however, for this assignment, students will be separated into 2 groups, Groups A and B. Students can refer to the ˜roster’ under ˜site management’ (from course home) for group assignments. Students are only separated into groups to reduce the number of students posting in a discussion area.
Scholarship Expectations
You are clinical nurse scholars in the making. You are the advanced practice nurses and members of the highly literate profession of advanced practice nurses who will chart the future of health care. Good writing ability is as much a required skill for nursing in advanced practice as performing clinical functions. Therefore, precision and scholarship is expected in all assignments.

Organized and logical progression of idea; effort and attention to detail is evident; communicates
effectively in all aspects of discussion. Correct grammar, spelling, and word choice. References
are timely/current. Appropriately paraphrased, and acknowledged. Correct use of APA. Correct
title page use.
For this assignment, the student will:


Review the resources posted in the unit lessons and the unit keynote. Search the literature
for global health issues and US global policy and initiatives that allocate human and
financial resources to the particular health issue. In addition, check the websites for
governmental, nongovernmental, Check the websites for the World Health Organization,
UNICEF, United Nations Foundation (UNF). Rotary International; private foundations
such as the Carter Center, Clinton Foundation, Gates Foundation, and Kyser Foundation,
etc.; pharmaceutical companies like Merck, Pfizer, etc.
Select a global health topic for a specific country (not continent), other than the United

List your topic (health care illness or issue), including country in the Forums ˜Global
Resource Allocation Topic Selection Area’ as the title of your post “ i.e. HIV in Nigeria,
Tuberculosis in Mexico.
Write an initial class discussion on your selected global topic and country (in the Forums
˜Global Resource Allocation Discussion’ Area). Your initial post should be copied and
pasted into the discussion area “ Do not attach documents that require opening to read.
For the title of your post, include the topic and selected country. No title page is required
in the Forum.

Write a crosspost to another student’s class discussion, specific to the topic and the
country, adding substantive content by contributing new information (in the Forums
˜Global Resource Allocation Discussion Area’). Your cross post should be copied and
pasted into the discussion area “ Do not attach documents that require opening to read
(cross posts are not required to be submitted to turnitin). When posting your crosspost,
select, ˜reply to initial message’ to post your cross post.
Submit pdf copy of title page, initial post, crosspost, and turnitin report (initial post)
merged into one document in the designated ˜Assignment’ area.

The first student to select a topic in a specific part of the world (not the US) will be the one to
post in the forum about the issue. The first student to list the health care issue and the specific
foreign country will ˜own’ that issue for the class discussion. You will have an opportunity to
discuss another health issue in your cross post.
Please select ˜view full description’ of all posts to ensure that the global issue and country has
not been already chosen by another student before posting your global issue and country
selection in the ˜Topic Selection Area’.
See Course Calendar for the due dates for topic selection, initial post, and cross post.