Future HR Challenges Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

In a small group, discuss the following questions:

1. Based on your readings and research, and your own experience as a healthcare leader, what HR related issues will pose the biggest challenges in the coming 1-3 years?

2. What changes to the HR profession/function should occur immediately to enable HR to more effectively partner with you in your position/practice/field?

3. What action can you take, if any, to improve working relationships between you and your HR representatives or partners?

Note to the writer :

the main reference :
Pynes, J. E., & Lombardi, D. N. (2011). Human resources management for health care organizations: a
strategic approach. John Wiley & Sons. chapter (9,14,15)

2) my work background :
a)I’m working in Non- profit medical city “governmental” in the Emergency department.

b) I’m the chairman of the department
c)we have 24 attending physician
40 Residents
110 nurses

the challenges that we face with our HR :
1- shortage in staff because of decrease number of recruitment due to financial crisis.
2-this shortage lead to more overtime for the staff to cover the service .
3- delay in overtime payment, which make the staff not interstening to do it .

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