Fundamentals of Pshycological Learning

In the previous module you began to develop your personal teaching philosophy by examining how you teach and why. Building on your work from the previous module, reflect on and respond to the following:

Do you consider yourself to be a constructivist teacher? Explain why you feel the way you do.
Where do your teaching practices œfit along the constructivist spectrum spanning from radical to conservative?

Do your current teaching practices reflect your views on constructivist-based teaching and learning? Why or why not?

Assignment Expectations

Remember, there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer to your essay. The primary expectations are as follows:

Your essay is to demonstrate careful and deliberate thought toward this topic / question.

Your essay is to be a personal, in-depth, analysis of this topic. NOT merely an objective œcut-and-dry response.

Your essay is to be written in a clear, organized, and professional manner.

As always, any references used should be properly cited and listed.