Formal and Informal Resolutions to Ethical Dilemmas

Can someone help me by providing examples of one formal and one informal ethical resolution to the ethical issue below and why they are formal or informal as well as what perhaps is the potential outcomes of both types of resolutions. Also, which would be the most appropriate in resolving this ethical dilemma and why?

Ethical Issue:

A school 
psychologist completed a report summarizing her 
assessment of a 
child whose test results did not meet diagnostic criteria for serious 
emotional disturbance. Several days later, she learned that the principal of her school had forwarded to the superintendent of schools only those parts of the assessment report that supported having a serious emotional disturbance.
The psychologist asked the principal to send the entire report, explaining the ethical issues involved (Standard 1.03, 
Conflictbetween Ethics and Organizational Demands).


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