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Coursework Two – Dissertation Feasibility Report


You are required to submit a detailed feasibility report for your dissertation.   The report should follow the following format:


Length & Style


The report should be a maximum of 2000 words, and should be typed. It must be written in a report format and full APA 6th style referencing applied.




The contents of the report should give enough information about your proposed topic so that the tutor can formally assess the viability of your Dissertation and give valued feedback on your progress so far. It should also be evaluative and clearly show how your ideas have developed. The following headings must be used as a basis for your report.


  • Proposed Title


  • Background to Dissertation and reasons for Choice

A brief outline of what your dissertation is about and where the idea came



  • Hypothesis/Research Question

This should be a statement/question which you should set out to prove or disprove. Without a hypothesis/research question students find it very difficult to keep their dissertations on track and even more difficult to actually make any meaningful conclusions.


  • Aims and Objectives


  • Initial literature review

What literature have you consulted and how is this able to contribute to the development of your project?


  • Proposed methodology and data collection


  • Proposed analytical techniques


  • Proposed Timescale

Outline your planned timescale of research activities from submission of this feasibility report until the completion of your dissertation.



The Dissertation Feasibility Report should be submitted through Unilearn on or

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