famous fossil

Go to this website called The Paleontology Portal: Famous Flora and Fauna.


 You will see a geologic map of North America with several dots on it. Each locates a famous fossil site. Visit four œFamous Fossil Flora and Fauna sites and click on slides of fossils from each (each site has between about 4 and 8 slides).

 Read the description of the site and for each of the four fossil sites you choose present the:


Specific location


Specific age in Geologic Time Period and Years


Significance to paleontology and evolution. Specifically, answer these questions:

            1) Why is this fossil useful?  

            2) What information does it provide about early environments and early life.


Geologic environment (mudslides, volcanic activity etc) in which this fossil lived, died and was preserved.


Drawing of the fossil. Draw one fossil of your choice from a site.  (1 pt) For this assignment you will have 4 total drawings. Give each drawing a label.  Lack of drawing skills for all 4 will not be held against you, but lack of detail or labeling on any of the 4 will lower your grade. Just to be clear, it is 4 drawings total that you will be making. Yes, 4.  Drawing is an important skill to practice; so is following directions. Copy and pasted internet images of any of the 4 will receive a zero for this entire lab assignment.