Family Practicum Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

  1. Integrate and critically apply knowledge of common chronic conditions across the lifespan including risk factors, nursing management and individual’s self-management
  2. Apply and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the principles of health promotion and tertiary prevention to encourage independence and quality of life for patients experiencing a chronic disruption to health or in the terminal phase of an illness
  3. Critically evaluate the impact of chronic conditions on the potential for healthy ageing
  4. Plan strategies to assist an individual living with chronic or life threatening conditions after a considered appreciation of the person’s health beliefs and values, and perform specific nursing interventions frequently needed to support persons living with chronic conditions or in the terminal phase of an illness
  5. Search, locate and critically analyse research-based evidence supporting the processes of nursing care of chronic conditions or terminal illness
  6. Critically examine the key questions from the Framework for Practice Thinking with respect to care and chronic conditions: What could/can be done? and What should be done?

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