Project description
This is an assignment that has to create an entire family business case study.
I have begun working on this and have completed stage 1 (of the steps outlined below) please follow on from where i have left off and follow the necessary steps.

I am attaching :
* my work which you are to continue from
* 2 sample case studies from fellow students (please do n to plagiarise these) but keep in mind that these are completed assignments of the one i am ordering, our complete work should be a different version of these, you can use these as a guideline.
* module outline for family business

The steps that need to be followed:

Part 1 ( i have done this)
write a story, inclusive of time and characters.

Part 2
There need to be 2/3 issues such as- gender, age, parents readiness to handover business, culture.

part 3:
the issue that have been identified each need to have theoretical implications such as- daughters as successors to a daily business.
Google Scholar is a good place to look for articles on- daughters as successors, succession in general, russian culture.

Find 4/5 good articles ( to use later as sources) out of these pick 1, within a good article should be an applicable and relevant to our discussion model ( different modules such as Porters 5 forces, Pestel etc¦ we need to find one that applies to our case study)

describe the chosen model briefly.
Critique the chosen model briefly.

Subheadings can be used, comparisons to other models and authors on the same model are good ways to go about the critique.

Part 4:

What interesting questions can i generate for this case?
Bullet point format.
3/4 simple questions
2/3 conceptual theory based questions ( merge theory in part 3 to create these questions, what does the model described show us etc..)

Part 5:
Pick 2/3 parts from the theory in part 3 and use them as a prism to look through at the case.
This part is concerned not with solving the problems outlined in the case but just to look at the case differently.
example- porters 5 forces shows us that some buyers are potentially more important than others and so the decisions of a company based on applying a porters analysis may be different than if this model isn not applied¦expand ( this is just an example)

Part 6:
This part os concerned not with answering our own created questions but with potentially if we where to take action based on everything that has been discussed what action could we potentially take to solve the problems in the case study.
do 2/3 solutions
use the S.M.A.R.T criteria ( only apply S, M and T)

S= specific -who should take action?
M=measurable- how can result be measured?
T=timely- When should this happen?

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