Evidence & Expert Interview Paper

search for articles from peer-reviewed journals that support your SMART goals and your plan. You are expected to find ONE article for EACH SMART goal. As you search, enter key words that reflect the topic you have chosen for each SMART goal. You must select a different article for each goal.

3. Evidence: Internet Sites: Perform a search of the Internet to locate a credible website that pertains to EACH of your two SMART goals. The website should offer a tool or best practice, not just another article. You must identify at least one website for each goal; however, you may use the same website for both goals.

4. Expert Interview: Identify an expert, or experts, who can offer information or ideas on how you can attain each of your SMART goals and conduct an interview. If the expert can offer guidance on both of your SMART goals, you may interview the expert for both of them. If you cannot find an expert for both goals, you may choose a different expert for each one. The expert should help you acquire knowledge and provide guidance on how to achieve your goals. This person may or may not be a nurse, depending on the nature of your goals. You must report on the interview with the expert for each goal.


5. Organize and describe the relevance of your findings from each of your sources, indicating what information and insights you have gleaned.

6. Write a scholarly paper of your search and findings using APA format based on the 6th edition of the Publication manual of the APA (2010). You may find an APA template and an APA formatted sample paper in Doc Sharing.

Components of your paper should include the following: (Please follow the Milestone 2 Outline located in Doc Sharing)

a. Title page: Include your name, course, date, and instructor.

b. Introduction: Introduce the two SMART goals, and briefly describe why you chose these two goals for yourself.

c. Peer-Reviewed Articles: Identify a peer-reviewed article for each SMART goal. Analyze the article and its importance to each SMART goal. Provide a brief evaluation of each article, describing how the article applies to the specific SMART goal.

d. Credible Websites: Analyze one or more credible websites associated with each SMART goal. Provide a brief evaluation of website(s) describing how it applies to the specific SMART goal(s).

e. Informational Expert: Identify and recruit an informational expert to discuss your goals, offer information and/or ideas on how you can attain each of your SMART goals. Conduct an interview with each informational expert for each of the two SMART goals. The expert should facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and provide guidance as needed. This person may or may not be a nurse, depending on the nature of the goal. You may choose the same expert for more than one goal. Identify the expert’s qualifications (i.e. Nurse Manager, Vice President¦). Provide an evaluation of the interview with the expert for each goal, and list any additional recommendations the expert provided to you pertaining to your goals.

f. Summary: Provide a summary of the findings gained through the peer-reviewed articles and websites. Additionally, summarize the insights gleaned from your informational expert.