ethical responsibility

Choose one of the following questions and answer it.

1. Do professionals have an ethical responsibility to see that their services meet social justice standards like access and equity? Discuss the merits of appealing to the idea of the common good.

2. Do professionals working in the media and strategic communication industries have ethical responsibilities toward the common good? If so, what are these responsibilities and how might they be balanced against their employers’ conflicting executive decisions? In your answer discuss the merits of a shared agency model of decision-making.

3. What should you say or do when your personal ethical standards conflict with something your employer demands / expects from you? Do we have a right to exercise our conscience against the legitimate demands of our employer? In your answer outline and assess Martin’s claim that we have such a right.

4. Whistleblowing refers to the practice of making public information to which you have access through your employment on moral grounds, such as the public interest. Is speaking out ever morally justifiable and if so under what conditions?