Elementary Phys Ed class observation

Observe a physical education or health education lesson for levels K-8 that is at least 30 minutes long. If you are observing a physical education lesson, it must be taught by a physical education specialist.

Interview the teacher after the lesson using the questions included on the Observation Interview Questionnaire. ( the questionnaire is attached)

Record the teacher-s responses.

Write a reflection on the classroom observation and teacher interview.

Address the following in your reflection:

â?¢ What was effective about the lesson?
â?¢ What strategies could be used to better meet the needs of diverse learners?
â?¢ How might you change or improve the lesson?
â?¢ How might technology be used to improve this lesson?
â?¢ Based on the interview after the lesson, do you think the teacher applies the previously discussed best practices effectively?
â?¢ What strategies from the observation and interview might you be able to use in your classroom?