Early Childhood Environment: Observation and Interview

  1. TaskStream Signature Assignment 2: Early Childhood Environment: Observation and Interview (100 Points)

This assignment allows you to demonstrate observation and practical application skills through field experiences.

This signature assignment aligns to the following professional standards:

Maricopa Community College

Course Competencies


NAEYC Standards

CEC Standards

15. Demonstrate observation and practical application skills through field experiences.




For this final assignment, you will reflect on all that you learned in this course about the development of children during early childhood. Then, you will go on a field trip! You will visit a
licensed childcare program “a home-based program, a center-based program, a school classroom, a clinic, or a hospital. You must spend at least one hour in the environment to observe how children are cared for and how adults interact with them. Take note of what the program is doing to enhance the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial needs of the children.

Next, you will interview and speak with the director of the program, teacher, or other practitioner to obtain information you don’t readily see from your observations. Then, you will write a summary of your findings and experience.

You must do the following:

  1. Research and locate a licensed childcare program “a home-based program, a center-based program, a school classroom, a clinic, or a hospital that services children from birth to age 8. (Any age group within this age span is acceptable; the entire span does not have to be included.)
  2. Call the facility and explain that you need to observe the facility for a course project. Most quality facilities welcome visitors.
  3. Observe the children and the facility. Pay close attention to how adults interact with the children and how the program is set up to address gross and small motor needs, along with cognitive needs.
  4. Write a 5-10-paragraph summary using 12-point font and one-inch margins.
  5. Your summary must include the following at minimum: how children’s physical, cognitive, and psychosocial needs are met; how children’s special needs are addressed; and how the program ensures the physical and emotional well-being of its children.
  6. Include a personal statement that includes your overall impressions of the facility. State how you feel the facility is doing in terms of meeting the developmental needs of young children.
  7. Include the name of the facility, along with the name of the director, teacher, clinician, or other practitioner you interviewed, and the physical address of the facility.
  8. Be sure to use spell-check and grammar check. You may want to have someone else read through your summary to make sure that it makes sense and there are no awkward sentences or concepts that are unclear.

Remember, this is a signature assignment that you may decide to submit as part of your professional portfolio, so you should do your very best work and showcase your understanding of the course content.

You will 
submit your work to TaskStream. Refer to your Syllabus and the Course Homepage for specific information on TaskStream.

Note: The rubric that will be used to grade this Signature Assignment can be found on TaskStream. In addition, your instructor will give you feedback on this assignment in

After you submit your lesson plan to TaskStream:

  1. Select the link that follows.
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  3. List the title of the assignment.

By doing this, an alert will be sent to your instructor that your TaskStream assignment is ready for grading.

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TaskStream Signature Assignment 2.


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