Dodes Ka Den

Dodes Ka Den

Complete a short paper on the family group in the story assigned to your discussion group (My family group is Mr. Tanba and he is alone)

Discuss these issues as may apply well to your family group within the story

“Who comprises the family group?

“What are the issues, tensions, emotions, passions that exist within this family group?

“Are these dramatic tensions resolved? How?

“What is the house like? What colors dominate in the house? How does the house reflect the family and its tensions

“How does the family show how the consumption of food and drink plays an important part in their daily lives?

Based upon how you could answer these questions for your family group in the story, address these questions:

“What do we learn about human nature from this story? How do we see that this, too, is a way that people cope with what they are confronted with in life? Who in the story has a tenuous grasp on reality? How does this person or the people who live with this person come to cope with that problem? What is the film-maker, Kurosawa, telling us about human nature in this story?

Compose your own individual attempt at a reading of the segment

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