Document Analysis

Document Analysis

Paper instructions:
Can you use this paper to make a powerpoint presentation ? Attached is the template which then has

to be make into a screencast at a later date unless you know how to do this.

Screencast 1: Document Analysis

Create a 5 -7 minute Screencast Presentation.
Include a title slide that includes your name and one of these themes form week 2.

The American Dream
Nuclear Weapons

Explain your theme using our class resources (not from a dictionary) and what you will focus on in

your presentation.
Use 3 primary sources (2 visuals and 1 document) that date between 1940- 1960 (feel free to use your

texts for this). Your choices must address the theme you selected and focus you decided upon.
Use 2 slides per resource to contextualize it (author, date, etc., explain why you selected the

resource, and how you are using it for your focus).
Conclude with the main point you want us to take away from this presentation AND predict how your

theme will change in the next 10 years.
Include a bibliography slid

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