Do some research on some larger companies and view their mission/vision statements

Do some research on some larger companies and view their mission/vision statements. Then write mission and vision statements based on a small business that you frequent. Please note that these are two separate statements that should each be a paragraph minimum.There should also  be a paragraph giving a brief description of what kind of business it is and what goods or services it offers. 

Your mission statement should identify what the business’ mission is. Some questions to address in this statement would be; what kind of business is it? Why is it important? What does it do that makes it special?

After reflecting on what is important to your business; write its vision statement and address the questions of; where is it going? what are its long term goals? What vision do you see for the business? (Imagine some of these items as if you were the business owner) 

This is not an easy assignment and I would like you to really take some time to reflect on these questions and write a thorough and thought provoking mission and vision statement that represents the business you select. This assignment will not only give you a hands on experience to writing these important statements, but it will also help you to see what companies go through when writing their statements that represent the entire organization.

Be sure to include a cover page with your name on it and page numbers. I will deduct points for papers that are not submitted as an attachment with a cover page and page numbers. Your report should be no less than three pages.