Diversity Interview

Diversity Interview

Interview someone from a different cultural group than your own. The person you interview cannot be a family member or a friend who is well known to you. The point of the interview is to

implement the cultural competency skills you have learned throughout the term.

2. Submit a 5 page report (double-spaced, 1 margins) about your interview.

3. Include in your paper:

a) Provide a brief, general background about your interviewee and how you came to meet him/her.

b) What did you learn that was new or interesting during the course of the interview?

c) What difficulties did you encounter during the interview, e.g., building trust and rapport, asking personal questions, did you feel your interviewee was answering honestly or saying what you

wanted to hear?

d) Describe differences/similarities in health care beliefs or practices that you discovered.

4) Based on this interview, give at least two detailed recommendations that health care organizations/providers could do to provide culturally competent care for individuals from this cultural


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