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Assignment (complete both parts ONE and TWO):
Part ONE of the assignment… Please answer the following review questions (write at least one paragraph for each question), using appropriate terminology and concepts from your text. Remember to support and explain your answers with references and personal experiences!

– What problems do female managers face on the jobs that are not likely to confront male managers?

– In what ways have equal employment opportunity regulations benefited minority employees? How have those regulations also caused difficulties for minority employees on the job?
Part TWO of your assignment:

Read the following “Newsbreak” and then respond thoughtfully, using terms and concepts from the chapter, and illustrating your thoughts with relevant personal applications.

Are We Still at the Back of the Bus?

We are unable to get taxis to pick us up in front of office buildings. We are frisked and detained on suburban commuter trains. We are watched in department stores and mistaken for coat-check clerks and restroom attendants while lunching in the best restaurants. We are directed to freight elevators and delivery windows by receptionists who fail to recognize us in our own company offices. We are black professionals in corporate America.

Although I am at my desk each morning facing the same corporate challenges as my white co-workers, a great deal of my job-related stress comes from sources totally unrelated to my job. My father dreamed of the day when his son would work in a towering office with a city view. What he didn’t know was that arriving there would not be the end of the struggle for black Americans.

Even though I have been the beneficiary of affirmative action, I can acknowledge some of its flaws—its tendency to create resentment among white men and its potential for generating a sense of “group entitlement” among minorities and women. But my experiences as a corporate lawyer, professor, and black professional in a mostly white environment have shown me that work- place bias in America, even today, is so intractable that it justifies establishing affirmative action as a permanent policy.

For those who believe I am overzealous in suggesting the permanent enforcement of affirmative action, I offer an incident that took place soon after I started a new job as a corporate lawyer in Manhattan. A receptionist with a security guard in tow came running past my secretary’s desk just as I was joining a conference call with a client in my office.

“Excuse me, Larry, but I’ve got security here,” the receptionist said breathlessly, interrupting our call. “Did you see a delivery boy get past reception and come through here with a purple bag?”

I looked to the corner where a Bergdorf Goodman [an upscale department store] bag sat with a hat that I had bought for my wife.

“That’s the boy!” shouted the security guard, pointing to me. When the receptionist saw the shopping bag, recognition and relief washed over her face. “That’s so funny,” she laughed while closing the door. “We thought you were a delivery boy. Sorry to bother you.”

The client looked at me with the slightest hint of skepticism.

Source: Graham, L. O. (1995, May 21). The case for affirmative action. New York Times.


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