discussion activity 4 .

Project instructions:

Discussion Activity: Orem, Roy, Neuman, Newman, and Rogers?s theories have been reviewed in your readings. You are to delve into each theory and consider how it has been reflected in your

own practice experience as emergency room nurse. What are the pros and cons of the theories? Consider how theory guides practice today. What experiences have you had with any of these

theories? What frustrations could you have applying this theory to practice? Are there any practice situations that lend themselves to the use of theories? a. Select one theory from your

readings this week (Orem, Roy, Neuman, Newman, or Rogers) b. Locate one research article that describes its application to nursing practice. (Be sure to upload your article file or attach a link

to your posting.) c. Provide your thoughts on the relevance of the theory to your practice by providing examples.
d. Discuss how your selected theory links nursing and spiritual care when providing interventions for patient care. e. Address any deficiencies and challenges you see in the theory. f. Where can

this theory be best utilized? Least utilized? Minimum 250 words, research article must be within 10 years.