Development of a Strategic Plan for Tourism Based Business

MGMT 4607 “ Development of a Strategic Plan for Tourism Based Business

The course is entitled Tourism Strategy, and requires just that, the development of a strategic plan for a tourism based business.

We will develop groups, choose a sector, choose a business and develop the plan. The plan will be for a local business that is already in existence. This ensures that students are working through the processon their own and are not representing previously developed plans as original work.


Step 1 “ Form a group. A group is formed in class. One person will be the person assigned to communicate group information to the instructor. This is done through email only and will detail the names and student ID numbers of the group members.

Step 2 “ Determine the sector in which your business will choose a business. The original eight sectors are identified below. Please choose one and email that choice to me. At that time, I will email a list of businesses that would be appropriate for this project.

The Eight Sectors

§ Transportation

§ Accommodation

§ Food and Beverage


§ Meetings, Events, and Conferences

§ Attractions

§ Adventure tourism and Recreation, and Ecotourism

§ Travel Trade

§ Tourism Services

Step 3 “ Choose one from the list that I have provided, and email your choice to me. It is first come, first serve, so early response guarantees a broader choice. Only one group can do a business.

Step 4 “ Start the planning.

Listed above are several resources for the planning process. Please note that these are not exclusive, and you may use other resources to help you plan.I will meet with your group at least once during the term to determine your progress and any issues that need to be addressed. This meeting will be arranged through email contact, and all group members must be present.