Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are complex psychological conditions that may have many causes. Discuss how at least 2 biopsychosocial factors interact to cause either

depression or anxiety. These two factors should represent 2 of three domains (biological, psychological and/or social-cultural). In your answer, specify what the

factors are and how each individually contributes to depression. In addition, describe clearly the INTERACTION of those two factors that contribute to development of

depression or anxiety.


2 points

1 point

0 points

Content: Identified factors


Identified two factors, one representing different domains (e.g. one psychological, and one biological)

Identified two factors, but both from the same domain (e.g., two biological factors)

Did not correctly identify factors that contribute to depression or anxiety.

Content: Interaction


Clearly described the interaction between two factors and how this interaction contributes to depression/anxiety. interact

Explained contribution of each of the factors, but not how they interacted to contribute to depression/anxiety.

Did not explain how the two factors contribute to depression/anxiety.

Writing mechanics



Minimal errors in grammar and spelling

Many errors in grammar and spelling. Sentences are not complete. Answer was not written in essay form.