Data analysis research paper

Requirements: Your entire grade will depend on the Final Project. There will be no exams in this class. I will also assign practice problems but they will not be graded. There will be 3 assessments of the final project as we go along and the grade will distributed accordingly: “ 15% first project outline You will need to submit a written outline of your project. At this point you should have your motivation, research question, literature review, theoretical background, data sources and methods worked out. “ 25% second project outline You will need to submit an extended outline of your paper. At this point you should significantly improve on the first outline, clarify questions concerning the first outline and you should already have some preliminary results or, if the methods you intend to use have not been covered yet, a very clear description of the intended analysis. Your project MUST use one of the techniques you have seen in class. “ 60% final paper ¦ (no extensions unless based on medical reasons). You will need to submit the data and the do-files together with your paper and I should be able to replicate your results using your do file. The do file will be graded. For now, I just need the first part of the paper, and I haven’t decided my topic yet. the professor said we can choose any topic that we are interested in and which ever is interesting to the readers.This is the data analysis course in a graduate applied economic program, the whole course’s grade is depended on this paper.So before you start this paper we might want to talk about the topic and it has to be approved by the professor. which means we should communicate about the topic before you start the work. And writing this paper will require the use of a software called STATA. You should utilize STATA to extract the data. And you will have to work on the paper stay with me after the first part is due, an complete all of it. let me know if you have any questions or sugeestions.