CSR and Ethics on Northern Bank


Confine your answers to the moral and csr aspects of this case.

YOU MUST USE relevant theories.

1. Is the regulation of executive pay possible or desirable? Should the shareholders of Northern Rock take action against the directors? If so, for what reasons?

2. Considering the various stakeholders in Northern Rock, do you agree that savers with Northern Rock should have their savings guaranteed by the government? Also, does the guarantee savings scheme show that the government does apply some aspects of corporate social responsibility?

3. Who, if any one, carries any moral responsibility for this banking failure?

4. Using this case study, and from the content and discussions within the module, make reasoned predictions on the future use of CSR and ethical perspectives, within organisational policy making.

Ethics theory

* Deontology

* Teleology

* Divine command

* Conscience

* Relativism

* Conventionalism

* Egoism

* Utilitarianism

* Kant “ ˜human dignity’

* Human rights (natural law)

* Virtue ethics

* justice