Critical analysis of one issue (Aboriginal Criminal Justice)

Critical analysis (essay of 1,500 words) of one issue (Aboriginal Criminal Justice) raised in the reflective media journal as below:

Colonization & dispossession

Social disadvantage and exclusion

Direct and indirect discrimination

Institutional and systemic racism



Legal and cultural pluralism

Formal and substantive equality


Human rights/paternalism

Self determination/assimilation

For this assessment you are required to

 Select one issue (Aboriginal Criminal Justice) that you have raised in the reflective media journal

 Write an in-depth critical analysis on the issue you have selected focusing on the Aboriginal / criminal justice perspectives.

 Consider the ideologies that might be underpinning the manner in which the article is written and the standpoint of the author of the article

 Present alternate views from another media source (mainstream press examples are: the Sydney Morning Herald, The Telegraph, The Australia; non-mainstream press examples are: Koori Mail, National Indigenous Times, Green Left Weekly)

 Use literature from the course and other sources to inform your critical analysis.

the list below are the textbook we mainly use, pls use them as ur reference

Blagg,H, 2008, Crime, Aboriginality and the Decolonisation of Justice, Sydney, Hawkins Press.

Cunnen, C, 2001, Conflict, Politics and Crime: Aboriginal Communities and the Police, Sydney, Allen and Unwin

Behrendt, L, Cunneen, C and Libesman, T, 2009, Indigenous Legal relations in Australia, Melbourne, Oxford University Press

Curthoys, A, Genovesr, A and Reilly, A, 2008, Rights and Redemption: History, law and Indigenous People, Sydney, UNSW Press