create a personal affirmation it’s six steps

1. Write a one-sentence statement of one of your motivating goals or dreams in your role as a student.

2. Write a list of personal qualities that would help you achieve this educational goal or dream. Use adjectives such as persistent, intelligent, hardworking, loving, articulate, organized, friendly, confident, relaxed, write as many qualities as possible.

3. Circle the three qualities on your list that seen the most essential for you to achieve your goal or dream as a student(from step 1).

4. Write three versions of your personal affirmation. Do this by filling in the blank in sentence formats A B and C. Used the same three personal qualities in each of the three formats.

Format A “ I am a _______,________,_________ man/woman.

Formats B “ I am a ________,_______,_________ man/woman, ________ing _____________.

Formats C “ I am a _______,___________,____________ man /woman, and I __________.

example : I am a strong , intelligent, persistent woman, and I love life.

5. circle or highlight the sentence from step 4 that you like best. say or think your preferred affirmation to yourself.

6. write three paragraphs one for each of the three qualities in your affirmation , in each of these paragraphs write about a specific experience whe you displayed your quality.examble tell a story about a time in your life when you were persistent.